Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mosaic of Arts

This weekend festival was October 31-November 1 and Off the Rails Gallery featured works on the Golden Sun Moth and the environment. I showed the two completed tapestries togather with the finished designs.

The work was not hung in the 'moth' template but in a sequence across one wall of the gallery. This was to give viewers an idea of each tapestry and potential tapestry as an individual work. I plan eventually to sell the tapestry as 16 separate works (unless I can find a patron who will buy the whole).

It went well, lots of visitors and lots of comments, so I was pleased. It was written up with a preview in the local paper, which I hope encouraged visitors to the town and the gallery.

I have now started my third tapestry and am about a third of the way through it. This one has more single weft wool weaving than the other two. It is number seven.

What I enjoy about weaving is creating the colour effects as I go. I use my paintings as a guide only, and select the thread and techniques as I go.
I never seem to be able to work two pictures at once. The top one was supposed to be larger and centres and the bottom one was supposed to be smaller and to the left. Oh well, at least you can see how the tapestry was hung and the other is me with the regular tapestry display outside Off the Rails gallery as it appeared in the paper.