Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last one

This is my final tapestry in the 16 series. It's been a long road, but a fascinating journey. I have woven only two other tapestries in this time and am looking forward to new projects which will hopefully be one-offs - though there is always the lure of 'projects'.
It has been interesting combining the material strips with the traditional wool weft. I wouldn't do this in all my work, however much I like the amazing colours and intensity you can get with tightly-crushed material.
I want to thank one of my tutors, Sara Lindsay, for introducing me to weaving with material. Do check Sara's work - particularly her work with gingham and her very particular placement of the fabric. It was at her workshop that I saw the possibility of the effect and gradation of colours that can be found in woven materials and knew I would want to try it again in future tapestries.
Once I have these tapestries finished and mounted, I will be able to photograph them again together as a 'moth' and in different sequences to reveal their abstraction.
Then, to get them out and into the public domain - that will be my 2011 project.

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