Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Subtle colours and moth search

I love the colours in this one - it is the only square of my golden-sun-moth jigsaw where I have used this combination. I have included a close-up detail of the material which I hope will show up well enough to display the subtleties of the shades.
The Department of Sustainability and Environment has been advertising in the Hamilton Spectator for people to help find the Golden Sun Moth colonies around Dunkeld. The only one I know of so far is the colony in the grasslands of the Dunkeld Arboretum - even though I haven't yet personally seen a moth. In fact it's a bit unreal to spend nearly 18 months on this weaving project and to have never eyeballed one of them.
Maybe this January I'll have to stake out the grasslands during their mating ritual. The females should be easily distinguished with their golden wings spread wide. The males will perhaps lead me there as they should be flickering around the tops of the grasses, heads down. Anyway, the DSE is also asking if farmers will allow them onto their land to see if they can find the moth.
The problems the arboretum committee had - when they were told they couldn't mow the entire arboretum, in case the moths had spread their wings so to speak and colonised other parts - may deter them. We'll see.

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