Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the home stretch

I have now finished 15 of my 16 tapestries in this series. Whew! It's been a big year and a half, with lots of other things on the go as well. Five of these latest tapestries have been cut from the loom, but not yet 'finished'. At the moment I am contemplating a different method of mounting them.

Putting them on ready-made canvasses that I have painted with the tapestry design, doesn't feel satisfactory. I like the look of a properly mounted work and attaching them by velcro gives them an amateur finish in my opinion.

I am planning to mount each one on a black background and frame them separately. It will mean they can be hung together as originally envisaged - or hung in any order or shape for abstract viewing, so I won't necessarily have lost anything.

I now plan to have a go at adding photographs. It may or may not work. I haven't dealt with my ultra-sophisticated security system which bans uploading of my own photos onto a site of my choice.

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